Friday, January 22, 2010

A Child's Perspective on Her Mother's Condition.

I won't bore you with details of how burdensome, exhausting, and unwieldy it is to be 10 days away from delivering a baby. I will, however, let you know what Audrina unwittingly acknowledged last night at bed time.

I had gotten all the kids in pajamas, said prayers (one together, and one for each of them so as to keep nightmares at bay and keep them in their own beds for the night), and tucked in each precious one. Plenty of effort in and of itself.

I went and got a drink of water, took my nightly Zantac, and went to the bathroom ... again. I was just climbing into bed not really thinking about the effort that it takes, hoisting myself up there, rearranging pillows, etc. when from across the hall comes a little voice,

"Mommy? Are you extercising?"

Enough said. Anytime now Lincoln. Any. Time.


  1. Ha! Love it. Well, not really. Actually, I HATE it. The ordeal of just turning over in bed to get more comfortable is excruciating! Here's hoping Lincoln comes tomorrow!

    When I was pregnant with Sophia, Chloe gave me a hug one day and said, "Mommy! You're getting to be a big fat girl!"

    Thanks, kiddo.

  2. You are definitely on my mind. May he come soon and may you sleep well in the mean time. :)

  3. Tyler was always very supportive, telling me on a daily basis that he liked my baby tummy. What a sweetie!

  4. Hee hee hee hee. That's really all I can say...

  5. UGH! I know what you mean. When I try and get in a position on the couch to cuddle john it takes SO much effort, and he just sits there and looks at me like I'm crazy and says, "What are you DOING?" And it makes me so mad!

  6. Hey There! I guess if I'd check your blog a bit more often, I would've known you were preggos! And with a BOY! wowowow! How fun! I hope you are getting some sleep as best you can. Sending lots of love!

  7. Thank you for sending the birth announcement! I've been wondering how everything went. He is such a cutie. And, where did all that hair come from? So cute! Hope to hear more details soon. Do you need anything?