Thursday, April 23, 2015

On Finals

I am enrolled in five college classes right now. To be fair, one is merely a lab. (No offense intended, Sniffy the Virtual Lab Rat.) But there are still assignments due in that class, so I'm still going to count it. Also, it makes me sound more overachiever-y. Which I am. To my eternal detriment. At any rate, I have just a week and a half of classes left. Which means that I have about 13,456 end-of-semester assignments due (Or maybe it's just 12. Whatever.) And 4 comprehensive finals coming up. I hate comprehensive finals. In fact, I hate the very word "comprehensive." Unless it's talking about a comprehensive look at the making of Hugh Jackman's six-pack. Which it never is.

I got a brief look at what life is like for my children right now. I overheard this conversation when I got home last night. I was making my way down the hallway to my bedroom to try to sneak in a 17-minute nap in between work responsibilities and church responsibilities.

My five-year old had a neuro energy drink and asked my 13-year old what the label said:

13YO: It relaxes you. And helps you not be stressed. Do you know what stress is?

5YO: No.

13YO: It's when you're really MAD. And you just CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE! Like Mom.

5YO: Oh!

Yes, that. Exactly that.

I'm too old for this sh#*.


  1. Maybe you should start using those drinks. You know, just until finals are over. But don't get hooked or we'll have a "Saved by the Bell" moment on our hands. ;)

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  3. P.S. What is up with labs taking 2-3 hours but you only get one credit?? ALL my classes had labs, which added up to like another 17 hours of school per week and twice the usual amount of nightmares.